Sunday, 26 August 2018

Short Paragraph On A rainy day in summer

Short Paragraph On A rainy day in summer

Paragraph On A rainy day in summer
A rainy day in summer is a great welcome. It breaks the sultry Heat. It ushers in a change of season. It drizzles sometime. Soon it rains in torrents. Roads and streets are full and flooded. Small streams rivulets and ponds overflow. Children play and enjoy in rain. They throw muddy water at one another. They enjoy the rain. Birds and animals heave a sigh of relief and comfort. They drink to their fill. They bathe to their skin. Someone slips. He is spoils his clothes. People laugh at him. Children make a fun of him. The poor fellow looks askance. He feels shy. He walks away very her hurriedly. Paper boats are a common sight. Street urchins make a lot of pandemonium. It is deafening. But all keep laughing at the heavy downpour gladdens one and all.



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