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If Character is lost Everything is lost Essay for Students

If Character is lost Everything is lost Essay for Students

If Character is lost Everything is lost
Introduction: There is an old saying “ if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, but if character is lost All Is Lost.” It is not a religious teaching, it is a Universal maxim and stands true in all the countries in all the ages. 

Last and regain: Although we worship Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth every year yet all of us know it is not a stable factor. Wealth is an objective factor. Once lost, it can be earned again. The Pandavas lost their whole Kingdom, but regained it. Ups and downs are a common feature in business and industry. If you lose money, people may sympathize with you. They won't hate you. So in a way, nothing is lost. 

Health is precious: So is true, to some extent, with health too. It is of course an objective factor. An unhealthy person is a headache to his kins and to one's ownself too. But health to can be revived. A man suffering from heart trouble, tuberculosis even cancer can be cured. Almost all the diseases are curable. One can regain his health even in old age. If health is lost only something is lost. 

Character, the most important phenomenon: But character, if once lost, never comes back. In India character generally signifies permissiveness sexual weakness. Good people won't give him company and would keep their sisters and children away from such a man. We can see the fate of a sexually weak person. 

Various weaknesses: sexual weakness alone does not signify a loss of character. Bribery, extraction of dowry, smuggling, telling lies, betraying the nation and the society, rape, expediency all show the loss of character. Honesty, truthfulness, devotion to the nation and the society, respect for the national traditions all from the character of a man. If these are lost All Is Lost. The man won't have any respect in the society. The scam tainted politicians and bureaucrats, the people involved in hawalas, fodder scam, bofors and such other wretched things may save themselves from the law but will go in history as the most wicked persons. Their Fame and Prestige would never come back from. Some would pay for their misdeeds in their lives others in the life in the next incarnation



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