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Essay on Where there is a Will, There is a Way

Essay on Where there is a Will, There is a Way

Essay on Where there is a Will, There is a Way
It is a time tested saying and is hundred percent correct. If you have a desire to accomplish a thing, you will find out the necessary means for its fulfillment. The thing will be got done certainly. There will be no let or hindrance. The idea behind all this is: first stand up, gird up your loins, make a firm resolve, ponder over the details of the plan and you will see the plan is fully carried out. There arises no hitch. It is all a smooth sailing.

The important thing is to have the requisite will, the wish to do anything. If you do not dream of good things of life, you will never be able to perform them in the first attempt. Though, after a number of trials, you may succeed. The simple story of the thirsty crow is just a feeler for all of us. The crow was thirsty. He flew in search of water here and there. The basic thing is the thirst of the crow. Under the duress of the thirst he thought of a number of ways to quench it. His act of flying, gathering of pebbles and putting them in the pitcher are the means but not the beginning and the end of whole endeavour.

Here we must remember that the will of the crow is Paramount. His being thirsty is greatly important. Had he not been thirsty, he would have not incurred the trouble of flying here and there and gathering of pebbles would not have arisen at all. We have seen in the story that the way to quench thirst follows automatically. It is a natural outcome. It is the natural result of the will of the crow.

We students can learn a noble lesson from this simple story. Let us have the will to study. Let us awake, arise and the goal is achieved. Let us re-determine the destination. Now to reach it there will be many lanes and by-lanes, many paths and by-paths will come into site on their own. Your first and foremost job was kindling the fire. The rest would follow spontaneously. If i am sleeping, i can never reach the winning post. To cut the matter short, we should have the required amount of will, the way will back on us.



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