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Essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine 300 Words

Essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine 300 Words

Essay on A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

This beautiful proverb means that timely action can lead to remarkable consequences (results). If a bad thing is not checked and remedied at the initial stage, the same thing can result in devastation and destruction. Then it will be too late. All the guns will be fired by then. You repent, you scratch your head. You pull your hair in anguish. But what is done is done. A great damage has been done. An irreparable loss has been incurred. It was not checked and rectified at early stage. Then with little effort and energy, it could be beautifully mended. It could be amended with very little labour and expenditure. Repair the leakage at the earliest.

Those who are unmindful and careless at the smallest things of life, they cannot achieve better results. They will have to cut a sorry figure. They will feel shy and will remain dry. Mend all the holes at the beginning stage, the rest of the shirt will take care of itself. It will last long. It will endure to the maximum. It will outlive its life. The whole charm of the game lies in the repairing and mending in time, rather well in time. When the milk is split it is useless to cry and shed tears. It is useless to pull hair as you have missed the bus. You have lost the opportunity. The golden chance has slipped from your hand. You have made an ass of yourself.

A stitch in time saves you from a colossal loss, You are saved of Huge damage. Your reputation as a successful person is saved. You have not fallen in a deep ditch. You are on the road to progress, because you were very careful at the starting point. There you won the game. There you reached Sky High. You were in the firmament. What a pleasure! What a pushing! The praise bestowed upon you was unqualified and perfect.

Timely care and attention are greatly worthwhile. It pays you handsomely. Its dividends are rich and fruitful.



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