Friday, 24 August 2018

Essay on Newspapers or The Power of The Press in English

Essay on Newspapers or The Power of The Press in English

Newspapers or The Power of The Press
The power of press is very strong. It can shake the very foundation of the government. A government which is playing with the lives of the people and doing injustice to them can be set right with the help of the press. The press helps prepare public opinion. It throws a feeler to the people. 

These days the people have realized the value of the press. During the days of the English, it was the press which lay exposed the black deeds of the British imperialism. Therefore, it was muzzled and gagged with a rod of iron. Censorship in it was extremely severe. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Bal Gangadhar Tilak reached the minds of masses through their papers the Harijan, the Maratha and the Kesari. Their sole aim was to mobilise public opinions against the worst type of exploitation by atrocious English Regime.  The presse fought tooth and nail and the results were very handsome. Now we see this powerful source of mass media is working wonders. People read more and more newspapers. They want to keep themselves abreast of the latest information. They want to know quite at once what is going around the world. They read news and views of the country and beyond the country. The newspapers are available in all languages. Even the Vernaculars are not lagging behind. The local newspapers have flooded the market. Each home contributes one or two newspapers at least.

It is an age of newspapers. They have come to stay permanently. They are the part and parcel of the modern Civilization. A day without a newspaper is stale and tasteless. We feel that we have missed a very important business of the day. We can miss out meals but not the daily newspapers. One likes to read the hot news of the day on his breakfast table! Evening news is there to heighten the charm of the supper. Without a newspaper, the world will be plunged into darkness. A newspaper is a mirror on world events. It covers both news and views of global importance.



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