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Essay on Lion in English for Students

Essay on Lion in English for Students

Essay on Lion in English for Students

Introduction: The Lion has fascinated the mankind ever since the Prehistoric times. It epitomizes the supremacy in the animal kingdom and the man has always been immensely proud to win over the Lion. No doubt, the lion is the most famous, powerful and a big creature in the cat family. He is a symbol of royalty, beauty and power. 

Inhabitation: The lions do not like to live in thick forests. They can however, live both in cool climate and in the heat of semi desert areas. Most of them live in the Woodlands, grassy plains and the mountains with thorny scrub trees. They are found in Europe, Africa, Middle East and India. Because of indiscriminate killing of lions by men, now only about 200 lions are believed to live in India. 

Characteristic of lion: A male lion usually weight about 160 to 180 kg but some weight up to 230 kg. Males are about 10 feet (3 Meter) long. The lions are about 3.5 feet (101 CM) tall. Lionesses are about a feet shorter in length than the males and weight about 112 kg to 140 kg. The lions live in a group, called Pride. A pride may consist of 10 to 20 lions or as many as 35. The female lion, called lioness gives birth to the young ones, called cubs. The average lifespan of a lion is 20 to 25 years in captivity and 15 to 20 years in the wild. They sleep and rest for about 20 hours in a day. They usually walk about 8 kms in a day. If they had a big meal, they may rest for 24 hours. If hungry, they may travel as far as 15 miles (24 kms), in search of food. A lion prefers large preys like Zebra, antelope, dear, buffalo and other hoofed animals. A male lion can eat up to 75 pounds (34 kg) in one meal. After killing an animal, the lion drags it to a Shady place. A lion can drag a 270 kg (600 pound) animal, that is difficult for six men to do.



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