Thursday, 23 August 2018

Essay on the importance of English language in India

Essay on the importance of English language in India

the importance of English language in India
English language is a window on world civilization for we Indians. If we want to be conversant with the world and it’s technical and scientific know-how, the study of English is imperative. It is indispensable. We cannot do without the knowledge of English. Our day to day familiarity with the important developments of the world is a must. We cannot afford to lag behind. We cannot drive backwards. We do not want to retrace our steps. How can we go back to cart age? Certainly not.

Our great Medical Colleges, dams, gigantic projects, T.V. towers are all the gifts of Science and Technology. It is the Legacy of the Europeans. They have taught us through the medium of English. Our innumerable volumes on Medical science, Education, History and Engineering are again in English. If we want to get a glimpse of these gems of rarest value, the knowledge of English is compulsory.

Today it is an age of computer science. All books written on the subject are in English language. Use of Computer has become indispensable in every human activity. Then without English, will we be able to read between the lines? No, not at all. We totally prove ineffective and useless. This language is a link language with the outer world. It brings us closer to the people of the world. It is a very handy means of communication with the people around the globe.

If you are at home in English, your journey round the world will not suffer any handicap because of lack of communication. You will be able to talk and Express independently. You can read the best masterminds of the world either through their original works in English or through English translation.

No doubt, this language was imposed upon us like many other things by the English. But now it has come to stay in India permanently. It is an international language.



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