Thursday, 16 August 2018

Essay on honesty is the best policy in english

Essay on honesty is the best policy in english

Essay on honesty is the best policy in english
Honesty is the best policy as all good and upright men say and affirm. Honesty pays in the long run. You cannot hide or conceal the sun. It is bound to rise. It is to shine brightly on the sky. Dark clouds cannot cover it for long. 

An honest man is as good as gold. He is very pure at heart. He is not false in his profession. He is true everywhere. His honesty is universal. His outward and inward “self” is unadulterated. He does not put on two faces as a leader has a double face to show. He has one face for the public. He has another countenance (face) for his private life. He is not true to his himself. He is a scoundrel. Where as an honest man is an embodiment of morality and integrity. He is worshipped wherever he goes. He wins every race of life. He is successful everywhere. It is a golden quality which shines at every place. And honest fellow earns respect and unstinted love in every walk of life. He is assured a high place. In the beginning he may not be at the forefront, his righteousness cannot be denied or withheld. It is as clear as a broad daylight. Honest in word and deed, a man rises the trajectory of name and fame. He reaches the pinnacle of glory. He is atop in everything. 

Honesty is a pure quality which must be cultivated by all of us. This good habit is to be developed in the children when they are too young, when they are a clean slate. Anything can be impressed upon their mind then. They are innocents and blotless. This is something desired by all, cultivated by a few and truly carried out and acted upon almost by none. To lead an honest life is nothing short of a penance. It is difficult but not impossible to attain. We can strive honestly to achieve it. The goal to reach is very hard. But let us try to be honest as far as we can. 

Falsehood lowers our Prestige. We fall down in our own eyes. If we want to hold our head high, we must be honest to the core. We must not fare poorly in life. Let us at acquire this sterling quality.



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