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Essay on Environmental Pollution in English

Essay on Environmental Pollution in English

Essay on Environmental Pollution in English

Introduction: The problem of pollution has become very serious in recent years. The people of the developed nations try to solve this problem. But in India we have not paid sufficient attention to it. Our future generations will suffer from the harmful effect of pollution if we do not tackle the problem now.

Types of pollution: There are different forms of pollution. Water pollution, noise pollution, air pollution are some of them. Pollution of all these kinds results from the greed of men for getting more and more money. Trees have been cut down on a large scale. A number of industries have been set up in almost every region of the country. So, unbalanced industrial growth is the main cause of air and water pollution. The owners of industries dump waste material on the surface of the earth or rivers, so water is polluted. The waste on the earth produces different poisonous gases which pollutes the air. Forests which purify air have been cut down and new cities and industries have been established in their place. 

Besides water and air pollution, we also face the problem of noise pollution today vehicles produce noises all the time and the noises are generally deafening. They cause tension, raise blood pressure and lead to several mental disorders. Food pollution is the another problem that we have to face today. We suffer from several diseases because of the polluted food items that we take everyday.
Causes of pollution There are several causes of pollution. Today we cut down trees and plants. Trees and plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. The air is not purified in the absence of trees and plants. When forest s are cut down, we face the problem of soil erosion too. Artificial fertilizers are used to maintain the productivity of soil. We use polluted water for the plants and vegetables. So our vegetables and crops get polluted. Pesticides are also the source of pollution of our crops, vegetables and fruits. There are more and more vehicles on our roads. They produce noises and harmful gases which are harmful for our health.

Effects of air and water pollution: The pollution of air and water will affect our health badly. We may not get fresh air. So our health will suffer. We shall suffer from various diseases. In the absence of fresh air, our food will also get polluted. If increasing pollution is not checked,  we cannot live a healthy life. Thus the very existence of life on earth will be in danger.

Need for balanced industrial growth: We must have balanced and planned industrial growth. In order to check this pollution, towns and cities should be planned carefully. We must not dump Industrial wastes on the earth or in the river. It should be destroyed by the use of suitable chemicals. We should plant more and more trees and the cutting down of the jungles should be stopped. We should not use polluted water for drinking. Vehicles must use some new technologies so that they may not produce deafening voice. At the same time, we must continue our careful vigil. So that we may live free from polluted air, water and food.

Poverty leads to rise in population that stops all type of planning. A leakage in the nuclear plant in Russia affected the environment of whole Europe and some part of Asia too. Similarly population explosion in the regions having two third of the population of the world affects those areas too where population has been controlled.

Impulsive thoughts: Poor people think that to meet the domestic and economic needs, they should have more children. Every child in the family as soon as he is five or six years of age, starts earning. Although the earning of the child labour is quiet meagre the family partly rests in the hope on him. In rural areas more population means more pressure on land,  over exploitation of soil, overgrazing and cutting of trees. This leads to environmental problems. More water is consumed by the increasing population. Cutting of trees means lesser rains. It leads to the compulsion of fetching of drinking water from distant places. It requires more children.

Fragmentation of land: Rise in population means fragmentation of land. Scarcity of water means soil erosion. Increasing population required more firewood. It again leads to cutting of trees and consumption of woods. It all means either the scarcity of water or sometimes floods leading to wastage of fertilizers. Thus poverty leads to rise in population. Rise in population leads to condition that spoils the environment. Environmental pollution affects human health that again leads to poverty. The vicious circle goes on.

Migration: With the rise in the number of family members, migration is the only way to secure employment. The migrated people live in slums where again there are problems of water supply, concentration of Industrial waste and city garbage. The small treatments inhabited by slum dwellers becomes centers of Immoral sex activities leading again unproportionate rise in population. In city like Mumbai has hundreds of slums that pollute the environment of the whole city.

Conclusion: The air is polluted by the smokers both in rural and urban areas. Efforts have been made by the government and non government organisations to stop this nuisance. But it has not been taken up as serious problem. People are seen smoking even in the air conditioned compartment. Now it is high time for the people of the country to pay attention to this problem. We should plant trees and stop cutting down the trees. We should try to make the environment  as clean as possible. Government should ban the dumping of Industrial wastage is in the river.



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