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Essay on Cowards die so many times before their death

Essay on Cowards die so many times before their death

Cowards die so many times before their death
This is the famous line spoken by Roman King Julius Caesar to his queen before he leaves for the Senate. He is stabbed in the back and not in the chest by Brutus who is his close friend and adviser. Caesar dies a heroic death. Indeed a valiant end of one of the bravest kings of his time. Julius Caesar utters: cowards die so many times before their deaths, the valiant taste the death but once.

The brave and the bold die when their actual time of death arrives. They do not breathe their last everyday and every moment. They face the challenges of life like a man, like a true hero. They fight against the odds of life courageously. They are not timid at all. They are men of blood and iron. They are steel-willed. They do not waver or falter in the face of danger. They play with the risks as a child plays with his bat and ball. Nothing can frighten them. They possess unlimited fortitude, their valour is unsurpassable. 

But how many of us are strong and brave in the face of odds. Only a few. Their names can be counted on fingers. They are not too many. Most of us are chicken-hearted. We live in years and not in deeds of heroism. We are frail and weak in body and mind. We resolute very weakly. We cannot cross fires. We cannot cross swords. We cannot pull out the daggers and guns.

We feign to be non-violent. But in fact we are feeble and weak hearted. We behave cowardly. We give a poor account of ourselves. We lower our Prestige. We stick to life like a leech. What is the use of living like a dead man? We must act and perform deeds of valour risking our life. There is a charm in adventure when the dagger is hanging constantly on your neck. When you are passing through an ordeal or crossing a sea of fire. There lies the real courage of life. Heroism is honoured everyone in every age. 



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