Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Essay on The Art Of Flattery in English

Essay on The Art Of Flattery in English

Essay on The Art Of Flattery
The art of flattery is as old as the world itself. Since time immemorial this art has thrived unhindered. It has launched by leaps and bounds. It knows no limit. It is a technique which wins all hearts.

Who does not like his praise? Who does not want admiration? All of us are hungry for personal gains. If our efforts are appreciated though they are ordinary and common, it is certainly flattery. All rich people have a horde of fair-weather friends. They lick your heels for their selfish motives. They want to grind their own axe. They are flatterers and sycophants. Surely they are not true and honest in their friendship. They are opportunists. They are time-servers. As soon as their selfish end gets fulfilled, they change their eyes. They leave all sweetness and flattery in their tongue. They become as bitter as a gall. They show their true colours. Keep such flatterers and a respectable distance from you. They are like hidden snakes in the grass. They need immediate shoe-beating.

The chair invites a lot of flattery. It attracts such ill-advisers in plenty. Their first job is to carry tales. They indulge in back-biting. They play betray their friends. They stab in the back just to win love and respect of the chair. They are nicknamed as morning news and evening news. The person in authority is also worshiped. He holds his court where flatterers throng him. They ill-advise him on all sorts of topics and subjects. By and by the sensible person becomes crazy and mad. He does not use his own mind. He is guided by his sycophants.

Now people like morality. They are waiting in integrity. They believe in easy life, a life of wealth and power, full of luxuries. The so-called friends are no better than flatterers. They misguide, they do more harm than good. Flattery is an intoxication which leaves behind a bad following. It kills originality pushing good people a far.



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