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Essay on Computer Revolution in India for Students

Essay on Computer Revolution in India for Students

Computer Revolution in India
Computer is a data processing device which derived from human intelligence. The first ever computer was designed in 1944 by Prof. Aiken and his team in Harvard University, U.S.A. Computer has to perform four functions-

  • Accept data from users; 
  • Accept instructions from users; 
  • Convert data into information: and 
  • Display the results. 
Although the computer is capable of processing the data, it only processes the data which is supplied to it its user. If one feeds wrong data or wrong instructions, he will get wrong results.

Computer technology has made tremendous progress in the last five decades. Today the world is on the threshold of a computer revolution. Everyday new uses are being found for computers. They are already helping us in different fields such as agriculture, industry, space exploration, scientific research 'machine designs, medical diagnosis, banks, aviation and traffic control etc. Computers are today performing tasks which were beyond man’s imagination about fifty years ago. The 21st century is certainly going to be the computer age.

Computers have some special features which make them extremely useful to man. Speed, accuracy and large storage spaces are few special features of computers. They are designed in such a way that they rarely make errors. Computers accuracy is consistently higher. Errors in the machinery seldom lead to false results. Further these errors are caused because of human beings rather than technological weakness. Computers have some special qualities which make them superior to man in some ways. They never get tired. Besides being an automatic machine, they can do long jobs with little or no help from a human operator. No wonder, computer is the greatest invention of man. Before the industrial revolution, people used to work mainly by hand. With the invention of machines, people started to work in the factories. Today we are facing another revolution as machines used by the people are being replaced by computers. With the help of computers, man has become capable of deeds he had never dreamt off.

In the modern era, computers are indispensable in industry and business. They have been installed in factories, business houses, offices, hospitals, banks, railway stations, airports etc. Computers have brought about fast changes in Indian way of life and work. The most common field in which computers are helpful to a very large section of population is the public services. If we go to a computerized air or railway reservation counter, we would definitely notice the difference in service given to us as compared to the previous one. Now we can get reservation for a particular train within no time. The computer screen depicts the number of berths vacant in sleeper compartments of a particular train, particulars about arrival and departure and list of fares. In business houses and commercial centers, the computers are keeping tracks of files and vital statistics. They are helpful in reviewing the achievement of targets and chalking out sale strategies for the future. They have brought about automation in every field. They are successfully carrying out the jobs which were formerly performed by the employees or workers in a particular factory. This has resulted in rapid increase in production and has reduced the requirement of man-power in industry and commerce.

Computers have useful application in the medical profession as well. Modern diagnosis has become quite accurate, precise and fast with the help of computers. Machines like CAT scan have enabled the doctors to reproduce our body slice by slice and prepare films to ascertain the exact location of a disease, function of a particular organ of our body, and detect abnormalities. Medical specialists greatly rely on these diagnostic tests before making a final diagnosis and choosing the course of treatment. Computers are being used in heart surgeries. They have been quite useful in very intricate operations of the eye and brain.

The exploration of space is one of the most exciting developments of the modern era. The space satellites are transmitting considerable amount of knowledge back to earth. The day is not far off when we shall be able to establish human colonies on other planets. The satellites which are launched in space are of great help in communication. They have been helpful in obtaining television linkage with distant countries. Now T.V. viewers can see programs and events of international significance right into their rooms.

Photos from satellites have helped in the field of meteorology, geology and agriculture. Weather satellites are transmitting advance warning of such developments which may be dangerous to human life. Our country purchased a super-computer from America, which has been installed in Meteorological Department of Government of India. Such a computer will help us in preparing weather forecasts in advance.

Robots are nothing but computerized machines like human being with limbs. They are equipped with remote sensing devices and can work untiringly. In some advanced countries of the world, these robots are being successfully used in hazardous works. In countries like U.S.A., Russia and Japan, the robots are being used as helping hands in libraries and other buildings.

In the modern era, there is no aspect of civilized life which is not at some stage under the control of computer. However the use of computers in banks, factories and offices may pose serious problems in a developing country like India where unemployment is already a serious problem. Hence it could be advisable if we go for computerization in phases.

The power of computer can be misused. It is already being used in warfare. We should use our discretion in such a way that the power of computer is not misused. There will be no danger to the mankind if we do not allow computers to make decision on problems involving moral issues.

Although life in the 21st century is likely to be dominated by computers but man will have to ensure that he does not get carried away with his own invention. The computers should serve us and not start dictating us like monster.



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