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Essay on Importance of Newspaper in Modern life

Essay on Importance of Newspaper in Modern life

Importance of Newspaper in Modern life
“The newspaper is so much with us now that it is already difficult to imagine a world without it”- H.G. Wells
Today newspaper plays a very important role in our life. They have become almost as important as food and clothes. Everybody wants to read a newspaper. In cities, morning tea is not relished without newspaper in hand. The letters of the word ‘NEWS’ stand for all the four direction– North, East, West and South. In this way newspapers bring us news from all sides.

A newspaper is the most powerful organ of democracy. In democracy its value is really great. It is a link between and the government. Its role in the national and international life of a country is very important. The Government and the public both can  explain their points of view through a newspaper. In the words of John Galsworthy, “Democracy cannot survive without honest press.”

Newspapers are very necessary for businessmen. They give the news of rise and fall of prices of market trend and of the rates of commodities in every part of the world. They help in the development of trade and commerce.

Newspapers are also important means of advertisement. There are all kinds of advertisements in them. They advertise goods of different kinds and bring the buyer and the seller closer. 'Situations Vacant' columns help the unemployed people in finding out jobs. ‘Matrimonial' columns help us in finding life partners. The newspapers publish market reports, radio programs, literary articles, cinema reviews, legal notices from courts, notices of birth, test match commentaries etc.

 The educative value of newspapers is untold. Articles on all subjects — scientific, literary, political and economic — appear in them. There are interesting talks, speeches, short plays and ides in the newspapers. These articles increase our knowledge and broaden our outlook. They provide us with recreation, knowledge and information.

Newspapers have same evils also.  In our country different newspapers favor different political parties for their propaganda. Sometimes they publish false news and spread rumors. Sometimes rich men use them for their personal gains. The advertisements are obscene at times. The news of rape, dacoity, abortion and the like poison our minds.

The Government should check the publication of vulgar and obscene matter. It is necessary for the government to control the press during war. Newspapers may prove to be of great importance in the development of human culture and civilization. Their future is without doubt bright.



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