Thursday, 26 July 2018

How To Be Happy Essay in English

How To Be Happy Essay in English

Introduction : We must try to be happy in life. They are often restless and discontented people who have no inner happiness. It is wrong to think that money brings happiness. The rich are not always happy. So wealth cannot be a source of happiness. Even a poor can be happy in life.

Good health : There are some outward conditions which make us happy. First, good health is necessary for happiness. A man who suffers from some diseases can never be happy. But there are some sickly people who keep smiling faces. These are brave people who finds happiness within despite their physical trouble. But everyone is not a hero. We must eat well and observe the laws of health to be happy.

Work to be happy : A man who has no work is rarely happy. Most idlers are grumblers. Such people are lazy to occupy their Minds and their time. Workers are generally cheerful. A man who has a job of his choice finds great happiness in his work. Even if the work is not to our taste and liking, we must do it regularly. It will save us from thinking about its unpleasant aspects.

Healthy amusements and hobbies : We should have healthy amusements and hobbies to fill our leisure hours. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy is a well known saying. A man who has not learnt to use his leisure time will not be happy. Games, sports, music, reading or any such things keep us pleased. True friendship is one of the most precious treasure of pleasure and joy. A man who has a real friend is blessed.

Happiness lies within : But the true source of happiness lies within. Happiness does not depend on our circumstances but on ourselves. The kingdom of happiness is like the Kingdom of Heaven for you. A poor man may be happy in a hut whereas a rich man may be unhappy in his Palace. A man must be selfless, kind, humble and upright. Herein lies the secret of happiness.

“The mind in its own place, and of itself 
Can make a hell of Heaven, a heaven of hell.”



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