Thursday, 5 July 2018

Essay on Uses and Abuses of Science

Essay on Uses and Abuses of Science

Essay on Uses and Abuses of Science

Science is neither a blessing nor a curse. It is what man makes of it. Science can be the greatest of the blessings or the worst of the curses. We blame science. In fact, we should blame man. Science as a servant serves us in many ways. It is a blessing if we use it as servant. It is curse if we make it our master.

Science helped us in conquering time and distance. Trains, motor cars, steamers, steamships and aeroplanes take us quickly and comfortably from one place to another within a short span of time. Man can fly in the air like a bird and swim in the ocean or under water like a fish. When science becomes our master, it is very destructive. Aeroplanes and ships can be misused for carrying war materials for destruction. The aeroplanes can be used for dropping bombs on the innocent people. They can destroy beautiful buildings, cities, museums, dams, man, woman and children in no time. Railway trains can be misused for carrying armies, arm and weapons to enslave other people and countries.

Wireless, telegraph and telephone are very useful. Telephone and telegraph are the simplest means of sending news and information from one place to another. Wireless has done wonders. But all these things can be used for war propaganda as well. 

Science has done wonders in the field of medicine. New injections and medicines have come into use. Many fatal diseases can now he cured. But medical science has its dark side also. These medicines cause reactions and give birth to many unknown diseases. 

Science has invented labour-saving devices. Lifts take us to the top of a lofty building in no time Cranes Iift up huge weights. Machines plough fields sow seeds and reap the harvest. There are machines that do the work of hundreds or thousands of men. But man has become Science the slave of machines. Machines have given birth to capitalism. Machines and factories have thrown many labourers and craftsmen out of employment. 

 Science has given man destructive weapons of war. The fearful picture of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that of Gulf War is before us. Nuclear weapons can destroy moment what it takes centuries to build. 

Science has destroyed man's faith in God. It has made man materialistic. He has forgotten human values. His God is only money. 

Thus we see that science has brought both Heaven and Hell to the world of man. It is up to man to choose his place of living.



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