Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Essay on my favourite season spring

Essay on my favourite season spring

Essay on my favourite season spring
Introduction : There are Four Seasons in India. They are summer, rains, winter and spring. Every season has its own charm and beauty. During summer, the sun is very hot. Roads become dry and dusty. The rainy season gives life to the burning earth. The wind is very cold during winter. So all these seasons create some problem for us.

Spring season : I like the spring season most. Poets have sung some many songs about the beauty of this season. The morning is pleasant. The noon is soothing. The evening is cool and calm. The night is comfortable. Birds are singing. The sky is clear and the wind is refreshing. Every object of nature looks very beautiful. Flowers Bloom, new leaves come out of trees.

Important for farmers : the spring season is important for farmers. Crops ripen in the fields. Farmers store wheat and Barley at home. Everybody feels a sense of joy and happiness. Besides, spring is a season of festivals for Hindus. Holi is a festival of eating and playing with colours. People enjoy it most. Holi adds glory to the spring season.

Season of joy : Spring is the season of joy. There are green plants in the fields. The earth looks green with its plants and flowers. Spring is neither hot nor cold. It is very good for health. The cuckoo is mad with joy in this season. There is no cold wind. Days and nights are neither too long nor too short. I hate the cold wind of winter. I do not like the hot sun of Summer. I dislike mud and dirt caused by the Rains. So spring is my favourite season.

Conclusion : The beauty of spring makes us forget our sorrows. Its music thrills our ears. It’s beauty pleases our eyes. Its freshness kills our cares. Spring is also called ‘Bahar’. It has been the basis of romantic poetry. In this season the peace speaks and the Beauty gets young age, so spring is the most popular season in India. I like it most.



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