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Essay on My Favorite Movie for Students

Essay on My Favorite Movie

Essay on My Favorite Movie
Nowadays the life a man is very busy. After hard work of the day, everyone want leisure. Recreation is very necessary for a happy life. Seeing cinema films is a very cheap and readily available form of recreation. Students are very fond of seeing pictures. There are cinema halls in almost every city. A large number of persons go to the Movie Theater every day.

One day I happened to be with a few friends of mine. The day was dull. I wanted some change from the day’s rut. I proposed to my friends to go to the picture house in which ‘Parineeta’ was being screened. All agreed and started for the picture palace. We purchased the tickets and entered the hall. The bell rang and the picture began.

The story of the picture in brief is this. In the city of Calcutta there were two neighbors. One of them was a money-lender and the other was a poor clerk with a big family. He had to support a large family. The clerk had borrowed Rs. 3000 from the rich man. But he could not ay it back. The rich man threatened to seize his house if he did not pay back the money within a week.

The rich man had a son. His name was Shekhar. The clerk had a niece whose parents had died. Her name was Lalita. Shekhar and Lalita began to love each other. In the meantime in another neighbor’s  house a relation named Girin came from Monghyr. Lalita used to go there to play cards. Girin fell in love with her. One day Girin offered to Lalita’s uncle a sum of Rs. 3000 to clear off the debt of the rich man. The clerk accepted the money with thanks.

In the meantime Shekhar was about to go to the hills with his mother who was ill. When the rich  man came to know that his loan was paid by Girin, he rebuked the clerk for selling his daughter to a low caste. The clerk did not care. He fell ill and Girin took him with family to his own village. Unfortunately Lalita’s uncle deed there but got a promise from Girin to fnd a match for Lalita. One day when Girin asked Lalita for her hand in marriage, she refused.

Now Sheker returned from the hills. He was shocked to hear that Lalita had married Girin though the news was wrong. So another match was found for Shekhar.  Lalita heard of it. She came to Calcutta with Girin just a few hours before the marriage. When Shekhar came to know that Lalita and Girin had not married each other the arrangements of the marriage were stopped and Shekhar and Lalita became husband and wife. The part of Shekhar was being played by Ashok Kumar and that of Lalita by Meena Kumari. There were also some other famous actors and actresses in the film.

I like this picture very much. The picture teaches us to condemn casteism and capitalism.



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