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Essay on Duties of Students in Free India

Essay on Duties of Students in Free India

Essay on Duties of Students

“The destiny of a nation is folded within its youths as is the flower within the close embrace of the petals that sheathe the buds.”    -Mrs. Annie Besant

Students are the future hopes of a nation. They are the backbone of a country. The nation shall be as its students are today. In the words of Kothari Commission on Education, “The destiny of a nation is shaped in its class-room.” The students can help in building up the nation in many ways. So it is essential for the students to know their duties. 

The first duty of students is towards themselves. They should keep their bodies healthy and active. A sound body has a sound mind. They should take a keen interest in games, sports, N.C.C. and different forms of physical exercises. A weak student can do nothing. He is unable to do anything for the good of his ownself, much less for the country. Students should give up bad habits like smoking, gambling and aimless wandering. These bad habits affect their health directly or indirectly.

Students should pay full attention to their studies. They should devote a greater part of their time to the pursuit of knowledge and acquisition of wisdom. They should not take active part in the politics of the day. They should prepare themselves for the future life. 

Students should have due regard for their parents and not waste money uselessly on fashion. They should serve their parents and look after them when they are old, weak and disabled.

A country cannot progress only by its big factories, dams or buildings. It can live only by a sound moral character of the people. Students must develop a high moral character. While at schools and colleges they must learn the lessons of self-sacrifice, self-respect, self-help, cooperation and honesty.

Another duty of the students is to lead a disciplined life. But today we see that the students have become indisciplined. They move in bad societies. They give more importance to unions. They boycott the examinations. They go on strike on petty matters. They are puppets in the hands of political parties. They travel without ticket. They burn shops, buses and trains. Their duty is that they should maintain discipline both in the class and outside it.

Students must give time for social service after study hours. This can be done during vacations. They can help villagers in fighting the evils of the society such as child marriage, gambling, drinking, smoking, litigation, superstition, untouchability and dowry system. They can help the government in fighting the evils like ignorance, illiteracy and disease. They should create in people a spirit of social service.

In short students can prepare the country for a bright future. A country where students fulfill their duties is to make a headway.



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