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The shepherd and the wolf story in english - Once a liar, always a liar

The shepherd and the wolf story in english - Once a liar, always a liar

Once a liar, always a liar

Outline: Ramu a village boy __daily takes out sheep and goats for grazing, gets tied to work __ shouts ‘wolf as a joke __ villagers rush to help __ find no wolf __ boy laughs at them __ plays the same joke again __ villagers annoyed __ one day a wolf comes actually __ boy shouts __villagers take no notice __ result.

Ramu was a village boy. He acted as a shepherd. He took out sheep and goats to a hill side for grazing. It was his daily routine. He felt bored doing the same job of grazing everyday. He thought of a plan. He thought of a prank just for fun. He cried “ Wolf ! Wolf !! wolf !! Help ! Help!! “ The villagers working in the nearby fields rushed to his help. They had sickles and lathis in their hands. They wanted to drive away the nasty wolf. But to their amazement, they found no wolf. They found the boy Ramu laughing and laughing out of mischief. They lost their temper and went away in a huff. Ramu laughed. He told the villagers that it was a joke. He did it for fun.

Many days passed. Ramu kept silence. One day he again repeated the same silly joke. This time a few villagers came running to help him from the cruel wolf. But they had to come back as they went. There was no wolf at all. Again, they found Ramu, The shepherd boy, showing them his ugly teeth. This annoyed them very much. They decided never to take him very seriously.

One day a wolf actually came there. He killed many sheep. He also wounded Ramu. Ramu cried and cried. But the people took no notice of him. They thought that the boy was crying to befool them. They went on working in their fields. But when they heard non-stop cries of the boy, they rushed to his rescue. They found him seriously wounded. They took him to the doctor. He was treated. Now he promised never to play a silly joke of this nature.

Moral : Once a liar, always a liar. 



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