Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The problem of national integration Or How National Integration can be achieved Essay

The problem of national integration Or How National Integration can be achieved Essay

The problem of national integration
National integration means the unity of the nation. It has rightly said “United we stand but divided we fall.” A nation which is not united falls like a house of cards. India is a country where persons of different castes, colors, and creeds live together. Narrow considerations like communalism, regionalism, casteism and linguism seem to rule the country. National integration, therefore has become the most urgent need of the hour.

There are various factors responsible for disintegration in India. Occasional communal riots still take place in different parts of the nation. Regionalism is another threat to the national integration. The demand for Khalistan is an example of such regionalism. The states fight among themselves over areas, over distribution of river water and over territory. People vote on the basis of caste and not on basis of merit. Linguism is another threat to national integration.

The need of the day is to keep communal harmony in India. Political parties can play an important role. They must teach people that they are Indians first and then anything else. They should be more disciplined. They should sacrifice their personal interests in the interest of their country. Educational institutions must infuse the spirit of national integration among the students. Newspapers, television, cinema and radio can also play a useful role in developing the feeling of oneness among the people.

We have to create a national awakening among the people of our country. The government should make all efforts to meet the situation strictly. Those who are found involved in anti-national activities should be dealt with a heavy hand. We should try our best to maintain communal harmony in our society and unite India into one nation.



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