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The Hare and the Tortoise Story with Outline and Moral

The Hare and the Tortoise Story with Outline and Moral

The Hare and the Tortoise Story with Outline
Outline : A hare makes fun of the slow speed of his friend __ the tortoise __ challenges him for a race __ the day is fixed. Both run __ the hare loses the race feels ashamed of his conduct__ moral.

Once there was a hare. There was a tortoise, too. Both were fast friends. Both lived together. Both ate together. Their friendship was an example for other birds and animals. They were in reality jealous of their fast companionship.

One day the hare boasted of his superior speed. The poor tortoise listened to it but kept mum. The hare again bragged to let down his friend. The tortoise knew that he was a slow mover so he kept his mouth shut. This made the vain hare puffed up. He challenged his friend to run a race. The tortoise, much against his wishes, accepted the challenge. 

A day was fixed. A winning post was marked. Both began the prized race on the appointed dy. The hare ran with his full strength and vanished in a minute. The tardy tortoise moved at a snail’s speed. He continued moving. On the other side, the hare had covered a lot of distance. Now he felt sure of his victory. He wished to have a nap by the side of a shady tree. He lied down. He slept. He went on sleeping for a pretty long time. He did not awaken in time.

The tortoise moved on and on. The distance was long. His speed was extremely slow, but he continued the race steadily. He knew no rest till the goal was reached. He was quite unmindful f losing or winning. Slowly but steadily he pushed on and on. At last by the fall of the sun, he was very much close to the winning post. Now the hare got up. He had slept enough. He had taken rest enough. Now he took to his heels. But to his surprise, when he reached the winning post, he found his friend the tortoise already seated there. 

Moral : Slow and steady wins the race.



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