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The fox and The Grapes Story Writing in English

The fox and The Grapes Story Writing in English

The fox and The Grapes Story

OUTLINE: Some ripe fruit on a tree _makes the fox’s mouth water._ she tries again and again_ fails_ meets a cat_ flatters her_ the cat climbs up the tree_ jumps from branch to branch_ some fruit fall in the process_ the fox fills his belly_ the cat remains hungry_ moral.

It was the month of June. A fox felt extremely hungry. She went out in search of food. She went from place to place. But she could not get any food. At last she reached a garden. She looked towards the trees. There she found a tree laden with fruit. The fruit were ripe. They were very glossy. They seemed very juicy. She tried to get the ripe fruit. She jumped many a time. But her attempts proved a dismal failure.

She remained there. She waited for someone in order to get help from him. In the meantime a wild cat passed that way. She was also in search of a prey. The cunning fox said,” Good morning dear sister, I think you are out in search of flesh (meat). There is a fat rat on the tree. Please climb up and make a good feast of it”. The foolish cat saw towards the tee. But she could see nothing on it. The fox at once saw through the game. She immediately read her mind. She said. “The fat rat is hidden somewhere under the fruit.”

The cat at once climbed up the tree. She jumped from branch to branch of the tree. She thus exhausted herself. But she got no success, she met no rat. In the process the branches laden with fruit were badly shaken. Some fruit fell down on the ground. The fox picked them up. He ate them to his fill. He was extremely delighted. But the poor cat felt tired. She got nothing.
MORAL : The cunning are always gainers.



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