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Rakesh Sharma : The First Indian in Space Essay

Rakesh Sharma : The First Indian in Space Essay

Rakesh Sharma The First Indian in Space

It has been man’s yarning since time immemorial to fly beyond the sky and the horizon and travel in the space. In 1961, a Russian, Yuri Gagarin went into the space very successfully.

On April 3, 1984 Sqn Leader Rakesh Sharma also travelled in the space. It was a moment of great proud for all the Indians. But this success was possible due to the able guidance and ready help of the friendly Russians. Soyuz TII was let loose from its launching pad at 6.38 IST (Indian Standard Time). Within a short period of 9 minutes, the rocket was in low earth orbit at 283km. Its normal speed was 8km per second. The space craft weighed 6850kg. Rakesh Sharma and his Russian co-travellers were asked to remain in the space for a week, so that they might carry out experiments. Along with Rakesh, Ravish Malhotra took strenuous training at Bangalore. Then the two left for Russia for further training. They were rained in all subjects such as space physics, astronomy, metrology, rocketry, space navigation, communication system, electronic computer, technology and radiation protection. In a nutshell this intensive training gave the two Indian space travelers everything they needed.

Their training was fool-proof. They learnt what to do in the events of adverse mental and physical conditions. Our country’s dishes which suited weightlessness inside the space craft were specially prepared by the Defence Food Research Laboratory, Banglore. These dishes were offered to the cosmonauts. But at the end of this strenuous exercises, Sqn Leader Rakesh Sharma was chosen to board the space craft. It was the great luck of the Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma that he became first successful Indian cosmonaut.

On reaching the space laboratory R. Sharma, as a part of his daily routine, performed Yogic asans and exercises. This he did as to combat space sickness. He had a nice chit-chat with the Prime Minister Late Smt. Indira Gandhi.

Whatever Mr. Sharma gained as experience on the Space Station has provided necessary information and data to all space researchers. It has also unveiled solid facts and figures about the mystery of the space. It has also helped Indian scientists to dig out mineral and marine (of the sea) wealth which lie hidden under land and water.

All the three cosmonauts were awarded the highest order award of U.S.S., i.e.. ‘The Lenin’s Order. India’ too, awarded to each of them ‘The Ashoka Chakra’. The world as a whole cheered them lustily. The achievement of Mr. Sharma has brought a great glory to our country India.



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