Monday, 11 June 2018

The Brahmin and The Goat Story in English

The Brahmin and The Goat Story in English

The Brahmin and The Goat

Outline: A Brahman returning from a fair with a goat on his shoulder __ three rogues their plan to snatch the goat__ each calls the goat a dog __ the Brahman proves foolish __ throws away the goat.
Gangu was an unlettered simple-minded Brahman. He was busy day and night in his devotion to God. He was not clever enough. He little knew the tricks and pranks of this selfish world. He was extremely innocent.

Once Gangu visited a fair. There he bought a good goat with his hard-earned money. In the evening he was on his way to home. He met three clever rogues. They saw the good goat on the shoulder of the Brahman. Their mouth watered. They wanted to snatch the goat from the poor man. They expressly made a plan to devour the goat and to make a good feast of it.

One of the rogues reached Gangu and said to him, “Why are your carrying a dog on your shoulder? It is very ugly and sick, too”. The Brahman thought for a moment but continued walking. After a little distance he met another rogue. The other rogue repeated the same sentence, “Why are you carrying a sick dog on your shoulder, oh man?” This surprised the Brahman. He checked his load-the goat. He was now a little doubtful of his wisdom.

Still he continued his journey with his goat on his shoulder. After some time he met the third and the last rogue. He uttered in surprise, “Oh man! Are you a fool? Why are you carrying a worthless dog on your shoulder? Now the Brahman was rest assured that he was carrying a dog and not a goat. He threw down the goat saying, “Why should I carry a dog and get myself soiled?”

Moral: The innocent are always sufferers.



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