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Social Service and its Value for Students Essay

Social Service and its Value for Students Essay

Social Service and its Value for Students Essay

Man is a social animal. Since we live in society, we must be sincere to it. We must observe its norms. We cannot be uncivil and wild. We should be social in our day-to-day life. The best service of the society is to serve it faithfully. Social service is the first round in the trajectory (line of flight upward going: of progress. All the great leaders had been one time best social service workers. Take the example of Gandhi, Nehru and Patel. Prior coming to the national scene, their record of social service and the service of their community was uppermost.

Student can best do social service. This is the best time for shaping one’s life. We can utilize our spare time quite gainfully. This is a remarkable start in life. We can do the maximum to our brothers and sisters living in villages. India is a country of villages. Seventy-five per cent of our total population lives in the rural areas. These villages are backward in many respects. Students can adopt a village or tow. They can make them ideal villages. We can teach villagers the value of health and cleanliness, how to keep their hearths and homes clean and tidy, how to maintain them dust free, dirt free and free of diseases. Girl students can reach the womenfolk. They can discuss with them personal hygiene. They can hold night classes for adults’ education. Village people are simple and superstitious. It is our duty to develop in them scientific bent of mind. We can take up a project such as building of a road, digging of a well or constructing a Village Community Centre. But first of all we should be prepared for it. We must fight shyness. Let us be fair and frank with them. Let us understand their problems honestly and selflessly. Let us rise above our selfish motives.

Even there is much scope for social service in other organizations. You can spread the message of cleanliness from street to street and from door to door. People have a bad habit. They throw off their garbage form the top of their houses, they spread the filth of their homes in the street below. We can persuade them to keep at least a dustbin for the squalor can develop ‘Yuva Mitra Mandal’ (Young Friends Group) for other useful work of the area. Suppose there is a marriage of a poor girl of your Mohalla. The bride groom party is insisting on dowry which the poor parents cannot afford. You can solve this problem by persuasion, mutual understanding and even by contributing something form your pockets.

Problems like Drug Abuse, Dowry, Gambling, Drinking and Hooliganism can best be tackled. When you spread ‘Awareness’ among the people, their abuses, their loopholes are to be fully brought home to the people at large. These evils have done an incalculable (countless) harm to our youths. If you succeed to overcome these vices, you have done great for your society, for your country. But all this need tact, wisdom, patience and understanding on you part.

Students can do a lot for the defence of their motherland. They can join the army, the navy and the air force. There they will be earning and learning side by side. It is said: The love of the country is the best love. No sacrifice is greater than dying for one’s country. We are the sentinels of our frontiers. We must guard them even at the cost of our life.

But one thing, today the student has become lazy and idle. He hates social service. He does not love dignity of labour. He feels ashamed if he is to share his domestic chores. What a pity! What a great downfall of morality!



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