Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Paragraph Writing on A Walk By the Riverside

Paragraph Writing on A Walk By the Riverside

A Walk By the Riverside
A walk by the river-side is very enjoyable and hilarious. One walks on the bank of the running Yamuna. The river flows majestically. The boatmen row in the deep water. They catch fish. They carry passengers across the Yamuna. People enjoy boat riding. Some stroll on its either side, others take exercise. The sun rises. People enjoy sun bath. Some good swimmers swim in the river. They say swimming itself is a very good exercise. It helps grow limbs wonderfully. We also meet expert divers. They dive in no time as and when there arises any eventuality. They search and find coins under the water in a jiffy. Their feats are really remarkable. The scenery around is greatly enjoying and charming. One feels fresh and fit. One is hale and hearty. One keeps a very good health if one takes a regular walk by the river-side.
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