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write a letter to your friend giving reasons for not attending the marriage ceremony

write a letter to your friend giving reasons for not attending the marriage ceremony


Raja Birbal Hostel
Man Singh Road,
OCT, 7, 2017
My dear Meenu,

I am glad to receive your letter inviting me to the marriage of your elder brother which will take place on the 17th of next month. Dear friend, accept my heartiest congratulations on this happy occasion.

I am sorry I shall not be able to attend it. You perhaps do not know that I had applied for higher studies to the London University. The authorities there have been kind enough as to grant me permission to join a special medical course.

My due date of reaching the portals of University is 17th of the next month. What a coincidence that the two dates are the same. I shall emplane on the 16th of November.

It was your encouragement and inspiration which prompted me to apply for this difficult and advanced course of medicine. My top position in the Board has helped me in my selection at this top notch international varsity. Candidates aspire to reach there. But unluckily they cannot. Whereas I have succeeded.

Not to join the marriage of respected elder brother is really painful. I am helpless. I fully hope that you will realize my helplessness and inability, You will not misunderstand me. Please promise to write to me quite often in the foreign land. I have no other support except you. Please forgive me once again.
Yours sincerely,



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