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A letter to a friend asking him about the health of his Mother

A letter to a friend asking him about the health of his Mother

letter to a friend asking him about the health of his Mother
L-347, Dayanand Colony,
Oct  9, 2017
My dear Nath,

   Last time when I met you, you were worried about the health of your mother. She was under the treatment of Dr khanna. She was suffering from some serious ailment. You have been nursing her day and night.

   Your concern for your mother was really genuine. After all it is she who has brought you up after the passing away of your father. She has educated you, she has acted both as your father and mother. To serve such a dear mother is really a matter of great pride. It is your paramount duty to look after her health.

   Please let me know of her well-being. Is she perfectly all right? Or is she still confined to bed? If her illness continues, Please do bring her to my place. We will consult Dr Prem Kumar, who is a renowned doctor of international repute. Do not care for the expenses. Afterall, I am also like a son to her. Her love for me has been equally unbounded. A mother’s love for all her sons cannot be fathomed.

   As and when, I think of her illness and the deep pain she was undergoing, I begin to shudder. I wonder at her forbearance and your patience. Both must have withstood the crisis.

    I am greatly hopeful of her recovery. I pray to God to keep you away from such predicament. Write to me post-haste about the health of dear mother. Your letter will allay all my fears. I will not rest till I get an encouraging news from your side.
Your sincerely,



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