Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Essay on India in the 21st century

Essay on India in the 21st century

Essay on India in the 21st century

We are on the threshold of the 21st century. It is difficult to guess about the future. But on the basis of the progress which India is making in various fields, we can make a mental picture of the shape of India in the 21st century. We have an optimistic picture of the country before us.

Political Field- In the political field India will be one the most powerful nations of the world. The policy of non-alignment will bear fruit. India will not join any power block. She will fight a war against terrorism and injustice.

Industry- India will make a great progress in the field of industry. She will feed and clothe the needy nations. Her goods will have great demand in the world market. If such industrial growth continues she will come in line with many advanced nations of the world.

Computer technology - In the 21st century, India will make great progress in computer technology. The computer wil modernize our country. It will impart education even in primary schools of India. It will be very useful in commerce and industry at the grass-rot level.

Social field – In the 21st century, India would be happier socially and economically. Social evils as drugs, gambling, child, marriages, unequal matches, dowry deaths, untochability and begging would be a thing of the past.

Education – The new policy of Education will take the country on the path of progress and prosperity. In the 21st century we shall have an India which will have cent percent literacy like other advanced nations of the world. There will be communal harmony in the country Anti-national and anti-social activities will not be allowed to persist.

Agriculture – In near future India will make progress in agriculture. It will be completely modernized. Scientific farming will make the country self-sufficient and prosperous and she will be in a position to export food-grains.

Space Exploration – In the 21st century India will go further with her space program, and launch her satellite. She will make great progress in space exploration.

It is hoped that in the 21st century, India may become one of the happiest nations of the world. But we have to work very hard to enter into 21st century.



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