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Importance of good health essay in english

Importance of good health essay in english

Importance of good health essay
Outline:  Good health- most precious possession. Healthy minds- healthy bodies. Essentials of good health- nutritious food, fresh air, exercise, sleep, sleep, rest. Things bad for health- smoking, eating too much, irregular habits, lack of exercise.

       Good health of all of us is a valuable asset of the nation. It is a sign of a commanding personality. You are healthy, you enjoy all the blessings of life. You eat all the good things of life. Your life becomes worth-living you enjoy everything of life to its fullest brim.

      Good health is a precious possession of life. What a pleasure when you are free from dirt and disease, when you are clean and tidy. It is said: Cleanliness is next to godliness. If you want to reach God and seek His blessings, cleanliness is the first requisite. And this good trait of life comes only to a healthy man. A healthy person cannot be untidy and dirty. Dirt is a silent killer. Dirt is the enemy of good health. A hale and hearty person is always brimming with life and smiling. A sick person is weeping and crying. It is better to visit a park or a garden. There, take plenty of exercise. Inhale a lot of fresh air. Try to be away from soot, smoke and congested place. They will definitely tell upon your health. Your health is likely to break down. Nobody likes an ailing person. He is a killer of joy of the company. People can sympathize with him but not laugh with him. A hearty laugh is the right of only a healthy man or woman.

     There is an old saying which reads: A healthy body has a healthy mind. If your body is sick, your mind is automatically sick. You are worried day and night. You think in the wrong direction. If you are bubbling with life and health, it is but natural that you shed (scatter) joys and smiles everywhere. You make every company pleasant and pleasurable.

     Essentials of a good health are not too many and costly. They are a few and extremely cheap. Get up in the morning, throw off laziness. Go to the nearest park. Do jogging or play some game, Massage your body once or twice a week. Eat simple food. Take milk, curd, green vegetables and fruit as per your pocket and capacity. Put on loose but clean clothes. Bathe in cold water. Rub your body thoroughly. Read good books. Have the company of good people. Do not strain too much. Do not wake till late in the night. Be constructive I your approach. It is better to do one good turn every day. All these steps are bound to have wholesome effect on your body and mind. It will certainly improve your health, you will be merry-go-lucky fellow. If you go to bed early, you will wake up early, too. An early bird catches the lark. We have read : Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. He who drinks deep the early morning fresh air, he is drinking nectar in the real sense. But how many of us are lucky? Only a few, very few.

The enemies of health are drinking, smoking, too much of tea-taking, eating too much and too often. Irregular food habits are very harmful. Reading of bad books, being in the company of bad boys are also baneful. Lack of exercise is another great obstacle in the path of good health. We must minimize all these bad habits and try to improve our health. If we follow this golden rule : Eat less, walk more and exercise more, we will be happy , hale and hearty. A healthy person lives long. He enjoys much. He commands respect, love and affection of all. He rises in life. He becomes something. Whatever work is assigned (given) to him, he performs it enthusiastically and zestfully.



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