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Essay on Mother Teresa in English

Essay on Mother Teresa in English

Essay on Mother Teresa in English

Today the great Mother is not among us. She has gone to her heavenly abode. But her sacred halo and permanent influence are to remain with us for all times to come. Her kindness and compassion are the cherished gems which the grateful humanity will not ever forget.

The Holy virgin Mother Teresa was a noble soul of the recent times. She came to India at a very young and tender age. Quite early in life she vowed to serve the humanity till the last breath of her life. Ant it is a matter of great joy that the Mother fulfilled her vow literally. Till the last moment of her life, she was fully devoted to selfless service.

She chose her field of exclusive activity in the city of Calcutta (West Bengal). Her great work included the helping and rearing of hopeless and helpless poor unwanted children. She was God in such deserted children. Such children as were deserted in some corner or dustbin in a railway platform or a bus stand by the virgin/widowed mothers for fear of infamy (bad name). She also helped those who were handicapped. Leapers too got her attention.

Mother Teresa was born in Europe in 1910. Right from her childhood, she was very sympathetic kind and innocent. She became a nun and joined the Missionary of the Charity Cult. She began her work in the slums of Calcutta. A band of devoted missionary nuns was there to help her in her stupendous work.

Her work was a work of great charity and nobility. Selflessness was the guiding spirit behind it soon she earned world wide encomiums (formal approval and admiration). In this world where agonies and sufferings reign supreme, the balmy tough of the Mother was soothing and encouraging experience. She was a constant flame of goodness. She ever shone and never exhausted or extinguished. She was a great ray of hope for all those who had none else to look after them. The people of Calcutta actually worshipped this great lady. She was an angel whose very eyes were full of compassion and peace for the entire humanity. She was pioneer in the field of social service. She was a Mesiah for the needy and the naked children. Her great work was in itself a great reward. As a recognition, the Mother was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. She was the first Indian woman who was honoured with this highest reward.

Today the children for whom she was a great shelter, utterly feel orphaned. We hope the Sister Nirmala who has succeeded her will complete all the tasks of the illustrious Mother.



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