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Essay on Lunch Break in School

Essay on Lunch Break in School

Essay on Lunch Break in School

I am a student of 12th class in a well-known senior secondary school. The school working hours are from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. the first bell goes at 10. Then follows the morning assembly. There are four periods upto 1.00 a.m. We study sincerely. Then there is a lunch break of 45 minutes. All of us wait impatiently for this break. It is a must after a hard labour and serious teaching of four periods. It is rightly said. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So this break is most welcome. We rush out of our classes as we have been released from jail. After all a school is nothing but a place of confinement.

It is the lunch time for most of us. We eat something or the other. I generally bring my tiffin with me. I enjoy and share it with my friends. It is an opportunity which has its own charms. Most of the students play one game or the other. The school play-ground is not too far-off. We play all types of games. After all the Battle of Water loo was won at the play-field of Eton. The importance of playing games is not less than any deep studies. I generally prefer playing. Some students like to go to school library and some rush to their homes.

We are four friends. We have divided the week as per our choice and pleasure. We join a larger group of students to play outdoor games. We play Kabaddi. It costs nothing, but its uses are too many. It can be easily played during the recess period, After all forty-five minutes are not a smaller span of time. We devote next day to Hockey. Most of my friends prefer to play chess.  Now this game has attained a universal recognition. It is on the list of international indoor games. This game is highly time-consuming, so the duration of mere forty five-minutes seems too small and scanty. We wish for longer period of time to play the game of chess. We utilize our time gainfully. We do not waste our time in gossips or in other useless pursuits. A few of us visit our homes for hot lunch. Some are busy in finishing their home-work. They want to keep their Sunday free from all school work. They want a complete off-day for viewing Mahabharata and other interesting T.V. programmes. Lunch Break period is the best part of the school day. Everyone enjoys it most thoroughly. Had it been of loner duration, we would have driven much pleasure. Our games secretary issues the hockey sticks and the ball. Our principal is an encouraging gentleman. He wishes his students to outshine in one game or the other at the national level. So, from time to time, he permits us to play friendly matches with the neighbouring schools. The third day is a field day, too. We play basketball. There is a sufficient provision of it within the premises of the school. This game not only straightens our muscles but helps improve our height also. After all, all of us are in the age-growing group. The school time is the best time of life. We shape our habits. We construct our body-structure as best as we can.

For the remaining days of the week, we like to play indoor games. These games provide ample rest and concentration which are very necessary for a student.



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