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Essay on Good Manners in English

Essay on Good Manners in English

Essay on Good Manners in English

Good manners are a part and parcel of a civilized life. They are the very backbone of a civilized society. They give each of us a high place in any company. A man is known by the good behaviour he shows. A good mannered person is the darling of every one. No one hates him. He is loved and respected everywhere. But let us see how many of us show good manners. Only a few. 

Humility, Sympathy, Kindness, Goodness and Honesty are some of the important ingredients (compound part of a mixture) to be included in life. A child can best learn them. His age is an impressionable age. He is a clean slate whatever you give him by way of advice and teaching, he will follow it without any let or hindrance. The parents are the best teachers. The first lesson of 'good manners' is taught at home. The child learns it in the lap of his mother. Who does not know Shivaji and his mother Jija Bai? Shivaji became heroic, brave and courageous because of his mother Jija Bai. He was a patriot through and through. 

Teach the child all these good things of life at the earliest. They are very simple to learn. Love of the youngsters and respect for the elders are good habits. Say sorry when you commit a mistake. Again say thank you and please when someone does an act of obligation for you. These are the little keys which open the strongest locks of obstacles. 

Honesty is a good policy. An honest man gets recognition sooner or later. Be fair and frank in your day to day dealings. Never be cunning and dishonest. Do not spread rumours. Be true to yourself. Do not play foul with your friends and foes. After all people see through your dirty game. You are found out. Your reality comes to be known that you are zero or hero. 

Remember these petty things. Your life is heaven-like. You are good-mannered. You are well- behaved. You are upright. You become the apple of everyone's eyes.



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