Saturday, 2 June 2018

Essay on A daring Bank Robbery

Essay on A daring Bank Robbery

Essay on A daring Bank Robbery

Robberies have become the order of the day. They are too many, such as train robbery or robbery in a bank. Robbers have become dare-devils. They do not care for their own life. They have scanty (very little) respect for the life and property of others. Their sole job is to rob and loot and then run away. Sometimes they are caught and brought to book. But quite often they run away scot free (free from punishment). The law cannot do anything. It remains a mute, helpless spectator.

It was April 03, 2018 when i went to Union Bank of India in Sadar Bazar. The Bank was busy in its usual transaction (business). There was a heavy rush. All of a sudden robbers entered from the main entrance. They had pistols, revolvers and guns in their hands. Their faces were covered with black masks. They shouted and thundered to the fear of one and all. They snapped the telephone lines and alarm bell cable, too. They snapped the telephone lines and alarm bell cable, too. They ordered everybody to raise his arms. Then in the twinkling of an eye, they took position. Two robbers, taking guns, held the main gate. The other three, after pushing customers aside went behind the cash counter. One of them held the manager by the neck and checked his movement. They did this all at the point of guns and pistols. Now the life is dear to each one of us. And this love of life makes us timid and coward. We cannot be brave and bold. We do not take recourse to violence. So we too kept mum. We were badly frightened. Before our very eyes, one devil started filling in bags with currency notes. They gathered plenty of money. We were all helpless and watched this broad day-light looting spree as mute spectators.

They threatened the staff with dire consequences. Even the manager was helplessly watching this drama. He wanted to do something but he could not. In the meantime, say within minutes, the robbers collected the money bags and fled. By then we had been wooden statues. Now we came to our senses. The bank guard who had been disarmed in the beginning ran towards the alarm bell. Quite miraculously it worked, it was not totally snapped. Someone of us rang up the police from a neighboring shop. By the time the police came the robbers, who had fled in a waiting car, had gone quite far off. The police chased them hotly but all in vain. It had been very late.

Now the tiring inquiry of the police started. We were all held up for nothing. First information report was registered. Identity of the robbers was written. Then followed the wireless message. A black ambassador car with DBK 2424 be got apprehended (caught). All entry and exit points were closed. All roads in and out of the town were blocked. A severe checking followed. It was all an exercise in futility (wastefulness).

Later, in the evening, I learnt from the radio and the Mid-day News that so far no robber was arrested. It was understood that the robbers had gone underground. The so-called black Ambassador car was found abandoned on Mathura Road, near Ashram. There was a heavy loss of money. The bank showed the loss to the tune of one million. It was still a rough estimate. Thanks God there was no loss of life.

When this drama was being enacted a haughty robber got our pockets emptied. He came to me, too. But when he saw small notes with me, he left me untouched. Robberies and robbers have become a daily affair of our life. Let us attack them unitedly. 



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