Monday, 25 June 2018

Essay on Computer for Students and Teachers

Essay on Computer for Students and Teachers

Essay on Computer for Students and Teachers

Computer is a man-made machine which faithfully follows man-given orders and shortly gives man-wanted results. It has been called ‘mechanical brain’. It is the latest wonderful invention of science. Today it is being used in many fields.

It may be said that the first computer was made by an intelligent young man of France, Blaise Pascal in 1642. He made an instrument with many small wheels. Scientifically, the real computer was made by an English Mathematician Charles Babbage in the 19th century. With the advent of electronics, the computer made rapid development. Now its use is at the zenith. Computer may be called scientific wisdom. It does the same work as is done by the mind in human body. In fact it has replaced human mind. It has relieved man of the boring job of figure work. It is such a machine by which counting and information can be received.

Mathematical computer is used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The medical computer diagnoses the disease and suggests even the treatment. At home the computers help the house-wife in her household work. In space programs they help in big and complex calculations. In factories these computers have proved very useful. Now government is using them at railway stations and aerodrames for the reservation of seats. It is very useful in Post and Telegraph department. In schools computers can work like teachers and in offices like obedient servants. In fact there is no field which does not bear the stamp of computer.

Computer has its dark side also. It does the job of many people quickly and accurately. Hence it increases unemployment in the country. Secondly it increases laziness in man. Man has begun to depend on it. In the near future he would do nothing without it.

Now the use of computer is being increased in the whole country. It is the growing need of the hour. Today we are on the threshold of the 21s century. The increasing use of the computer will help us a lot to make progress in every field of activity.



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