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Essay on Achievements of India after Independence

Essay on Achievements of India after Independence

Essay on Achievements of India after Independence
India became free of 15th August, 1947 after centuries of foreign rule. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of free India. Fifty-three years have passed since the achievement of freedom. During this period of fifty-three years the country has made great progress in different fields.

India has become self-sufficient in the matter of food-grains. The production of food-grains has trebled from 5.59 crore tones in 1949-50 to an estimated level of f14.15 crore tones in 1993-94. This has been done through our five-year plans. Our agriculture has been modernized and mechanized.

We have a network of roads and railways all over the country. Almost every village has been linked to big cities through roads and railways.

We have achieved self-sufficiency in industrial field also. Today India exports heavy machines, railway engines, fans, cars, motor cycles, cycles, watches, electric goods, T.V. sets, radio sets etc. India today manufactures railway engines, tanks, ship, aero-planes, railway bogies  etc. Large industrial plants have been set up at Bhilai, Rourkela Durgapur, Chittaranjan and other places in the country.

India has made great progress in the production of electricity. Most of the villages use electricity now. There is a network of tubewells in every village.

India has made great progress in the field of education. Now there is proper arrangement of high academic, scientific, technological institutes, medical and engineering education. The number of universities and technological institutions in increasing in the country. The percentage of literacy has increased.

Our country has done a lot in the field of social reforms. The Zamindari system has been abolished. Temples are now open to all. Caste system is fast losing its importance. Untouchability is a thing of the past.

India has become a space power also. She has launched 10 satellites so far. Her first satellite ‘Aryabhatta’ was put into space on April 19, 1975. Her latest satellite has been put into space successfully. India is now the eleventh space power in the world.

In the field of medicine also India has achieved great fame and our doctor have cured many fatal diseases. India today manufactures many medicines. Our doctors have been successful in the operation of those diseases which were formerly possible in western countries only.

We are proud of our achievements but we still suffer from communal, regional and linguistic disputes. But we should not be discouraged by these difficulties. We should be optimistic about he bright future of our country.



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