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Apology Letter to a Friend for not keeping an Appointment

Apology Letter to a Friend for not keeping an Appointment

Apology Letter to a Friend
26, Mehar Chanel Hostel,
The Mall, Simla
Oct 10, 2017
My dear Preeti,

        Yesterday I promised to meet you near the Scandal Point at 4.00 p.m. but sorry, I could not keep my appointment with you. You must have come and waited for me. And then you would have left the place after a long wait cursing me.

        But dear Preeti I am not at fault. All of us are victims of circumstances. Nothing is in our hands, we are helpless. As ill luck would have it, I met with a serious accident. My scooter slipped and I fell into a gorge. Luckily a rock saved me from falling down below into the river Giri, otherwise you would have not seen me alive waiting to you. I am re-born.

       A military truck which was following me, helped retrieve my unconscious body. The army jawans took me to the Snowdon Hospital. The timely medical aid saved me, otherwise I was in the jaws of death.

      Now I am out of danger. After a couple of days I shall be discharged from the Hospital. My scooter is damaged beyond recognition. It is lying in the workshop.

      I am writing from the medical ward. I have explained to you my real position. Now it is for you to forgive me for not keeping the appointment. As and when I am able to walk on my feet, I shall come to you and will personally apologize from you.
      Regretting once again,
Yours sincerely,



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