Monday, 25 June 2018

Essay on Terrorism in english for Students

Essay on Terrorism in English for Students

Essay on Terrorism in English

Terrorism is the use of violence by a small group of people to get its demands fulfilled. Every morning we read in the newspapers about the cruel acts of terrorism committed by terrorists. Sometimes it is a murder of a number of innocent persons, sometimes it is the murder of some eminent leader or journalist. Reports of bomb explosions on the crowded platforms or in the main markets of the big cities are often hear and seen. Fish plates are removed from railway tracks causing many railway accidents. No person is safe these days due to this great evil of terrorism.

In the beginning this stated with good aim. In India great patriots used this weapon against the mighty British empire. They threw bombs, removed fish plates and killed many cruel officers of the alien rule with the pious aim of making India free. But the terrorism of today is quite different. It is against humanity. The terrorists of today are killing innocent persons for their selfish aim. Success of evil persons in the achievement of their aims inspire other to follow it.

Terrorism is growing day by day. Thousands of innocent persons have met their tragic end in the Punjab due to it. In many other places also besides the Punjab the terrorists have made life a hell for people. The terrorists caused serious train accidents in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Communal terrorism has appeared again in the new shape. Thus the terrorists throw bombs on peaceful religious processions in order to create terror and disturb the normal life. Such acts are harmful to the society. People are so terrified that they hesitate in going out of their houses. They fear to assemble in the marriage parties. Man has lost faith in man. We are afraid of travelling in the aero-planes due to these terrorists.

If we want to live in peace we should face terrorism boldly. Government should take the strongest action against these people as they are the greatest enemies of the human society. Peace and prosperity can prevail if terrorism is ended.



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