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The slave and the lion short story in english with moral

The slave and the lion short story in english with moral

The slave and the lion short story

In the olden times, the rich Romans kept slaves. Androcles was such a slave. He was fed up with the cruel treatment of his master. The master kept him hungry and thirsty. He flogged him mercilessly. One day Androcles found his chance of escape. He ran away to a nearby jungle and took shelter there.

         One day Androcles found a lion groaning in pain. He reached ear him. He saw a big thorn in the paw of the lion. First he was afraid to go near the lion. Then he took up courage and reached him. He helped remove the thorn from the lion’s paw. Both became friends. They lived together in the same cave.

        After a few months, Androcles was found out. He was caught. He was brought back to his master According to the custom of the Romans, Androcles was ordered to be thrown before a hungry lion. A day was fixed. A big crowd gathered. Androcles was brought. He was thrown before a hungry lion. The lion came rushing but he stopped half-way. He recognized his old friend. He remembered his kindness. Then he approached him gently. He licked the hands of the slave. Thousands of people sitting around were stunned. The slave told them the story of his friendship with the lion. It impressed one and all.

     Androcles was set free and so was his friend, the lion. Both walked out of the city. They made for the jungle and lived there happily afterwards.

Moral : Kindness never goes unrewarded OR One good turn deserves another.

Outline :  A slave runs away from its master _ sees a lion groaning in pain_ Slave takes out the thorn from the lion’s paw_ a few months later the slave is caught_ ordered to be thrown before a hungry lion _ lion rushes at him_ recognizes him _licks him _remembers his kindness _ lion and slave both get their liberty.



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