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The clever fox story with moral

The clever fox story with moral

The clever fox story with moral

Once there was a hungry fox. She went out in search of food. She wandered here and there. But she failed miserably to get food anywhere. At last she saw a crow sitting on the top of a tree. He had a piece of cheese in his beak. The fox wanted to get this piece of cheese at all cost.

      She reached near the tree. She thought of a plan there and then. She began to praise the black crow. She said to him, “You are very beautiful to look at. Your beak is equally very pretty. Your voice is as sweet as the honey itself.” The crow was a fool of the first water. He was immediately puffed up. Without thinking twice he began to caw-caw. As soon as he opened his mouth the piece of cheese fell down on the ground below. The cunning fox picked it up. She swallowed it at once. The poor crow remained without cheese. He proved himself foolish.

     The simple flattery of the fox made the silly crow lose his piece of cheese. After devouring the cheese the clever fox left the place saying : ‘You are very black. Your voice is very ugly. You sing hoarse. You are an owl’.

The simple crow was cut to the quick. But what he could do now. It was too late. He had become a prey of flattery. He had been a victim of his own foolishness.

Moral : Your flatteres are your real enemies OR Flattery never pays.

Outline : A hungry fox _ goes in search of food _ sees a crow with a piece of cheese in his beak _ praises the crow for his sweet voice _ the crow is puffed up _ is pleased _ open his beak to sing _the fox runs away with the piece of cheese _moral.



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