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Short summary of Kargil War

Short summary of Kargil War

Short summary of Kargil War
Not talked about area of these days is Kargil which is situated 204 kilometers eastwards from Sri Nagar. Total population of this area is around 81000 only. It is spread over an area of 14036 square kilometers and is 11000 feet above the sea level. All these conditions favoured cold conditions in this area and so for 8-9 months of the year. It is covered with snow and ice. In Dras the temperature downs to -50 to -55 degree celcius.

In Indian history Kargil will be remembered for 1999 tragedy. Approximately 2000 terrorists illegally occupied the Kargil and developed temporary forts at important areas. Their aim was to take over the control of Kargil from India. For their eradication Indian army started a massive operation called ‘Operation flush out’ which was followed by ‘Operation Vijay’ of Air force. Air Force destroyed the important coverings of terrorists with bombarding and for this work they took three months and also lost many of its brave soldiers as Captain Ahuja. In this operation 50 Indian soldiers died and the expenditure was manifolds that previous wars with Pakistan.

Pakistan tried to internationalize this issue so as to get the favors of many countries but patience of India made everybody in the world to criticize Pakistan and appreciate India. Ultimately Indian soldiers removed the Pakistani terrorists from our sacred land. This episode stimulated the people of India and they helped their government in all respects. This also spread the feeling of patriotism all over India. By all this India has again proved that he can maintain the untidiness of the country at any cost and should not take Indian policies of peaceful environment as our weakness and should not try interrupt our boundaries.



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