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Science in the service of Man or science and Human Happiness Essay

Science in the service of Man or science and Human Happiness Essay

Science in the service of Man or science and Human Happiness Essay

We are living in the age of Science. It is the greatest boon to the mankind. Modern science has achieved wonders. It has brought about great changes in every field of life. It has really changed the face of the earth. It has given man power fit only for the gods. Man has now conquered land, water and air. In the words of Swinburne a great English poet and critic “ We live in an age when not to be scientific is to be nothing.”

Science has invented various means of transport and communication. They have shortened time and space. Motors cars, railway trains, steam-ships and aero-planes have made our journey safe and quick. We can travel from one place to another in no time. The telephone, the telegraph and the wireless have helped man to send messages from one corner of the earth to another in no time.

Electricity is the greatest blessing of science. In domestic life electricity is a boon. It keeps our houses, roads and buildings lighted. It does many of our small work like an obedient servant. It cooks our food, boils our milk and water washes and irons our clothes and does many other tasks. Even trains are run by it.

Science has done wonderful work in the medical field. Many new medicines have been invented. Many fatal diseases can now be easily cured. The inventions of Radium and X-rays are very helpful to doctors. Surgical operations of serious nature are performed easily and successfully. It has produced test tube babies. In fact science has given eyes to the blind ears the deaf and legs to the lame.

Science has helped us in the development of agriculture and industry. It has helped man to build dams and dig canals. There are tractors and other implements that can plough fields, sow seeds and reap the harvest. Many useful and difficult tasks are done by machines. The machines save a lot of time, money and labour. They relieve man of all heavy and unpleasant work. Science has developed industry.

Science has given wonderful means of recreation. Cinema radio, television, gramophone ad photography are the common means of recreation. Cinema is the best and the cheapest source of recreation. Radio delights our homes. T.V. set enables us not only to listen but also to see the face of the singer, dancer player and speaker.

Science is indeed a boon. It has become a part and parcel of our life. But inventions of science should not be misused for the destruction of mankind.



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