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Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

advantages and disadvantages of fast food

Nowadays, wherever we turn our gaze, we can see different types of food that are easier to prepare. It cannot be doubted that our eating style has encountered a revolutionary change in the last few decades. It is the change in the type of food that has had the greatest influence. For instance, we can buy frozen food in a supermarket and just prepare it in a couple of minutes, whereas before it could have taken us maybe hours to prepare this kind of meal. Not only have the recipes of certain food types have been altered, but also new ones have been created. Examples include yet are not restricted to beef hamburgers, potato chips, readymade available yoghurt, frozen meat and cold drinks. I would accept that this so called improvement changed our lives, but i believe there are some drawbacks as well.

It is true that these kinds of food do not involve hard work to prepare, but food that is easy to prepare
generally has some artificial ingredients mixed in it that makes it "easy to prepare." If we take time to read the ingredients, we would definitely come across the words like preservatives or artificial flavorings. Many newly emerged types of food have not the essence of a "complete meal" as defined by the nutritionists. To add to the problem, these food types areoften served alone. In fact, there are many medical reports warning people from depending upon such fast meals in their food. Other reports indicate a high potential of malnutrition among those who are "addicted"to the common duet of burgers and colas.

Not having to cook has also taken the fun out of cooking. Cooking is an art, but in today's world, this is no more true. People are so busy in their work that they just rely on this simple foods. The invention and production of these foods have made people lazy not only for cooking but also for a well familty get together. It was not like former times when families would sit together and eat freshly baked food. With the absence of regular family get together, relationships are likely to be weaker.

People think that fast prepared food types do improve our style of life. This opinion comes especially from bust people, working wives, and younger people. They believe that we have many things in life more important than eating. Time spent on food preparation is considered waste by them. Wives will have more time to care of their families' souls not just stomachs. Family relationships will get stronger. Business men and women will have more time to concentrate on their arrangements. In general, people will have a greater opportunity to take care of their minds and hearts.

I agree with that food preparation should take its necessary time and care. Otherwise, the time saved in food preparation can lead to longer times of headache or even of staying in hospitals suffering from malnutrition.

Sample Essay No. 2

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. With this change, people can have a better dinner with fewer efforts and can have more time for other activities. This is why, in my point of view, the change has improved the way people live.

First of all, people have saved their efforts from cooking. In the past, people have to prepare all the material for cooking themselves, which always occupied too much time. Now, it has changed. People can buy half-done food from supermarket, which has simplified the cooking process. What they need to do is to finish the rest of food preparation. Also, more and more convenient cookers have occurred. These cookers have helped to save the cooking time greatly. People do not have to wait for as a long time as before cooking. In this case, the easier food preparation has improved the way people live.

Another reason that this change has improved the way people live is that people can have more time to enjoy other activities. Since people do not have to put as much time as before, they can plan more other activities. For example, they may do more exercise to build their body, or they can spend more time on their hobbies. In another words, people can spend more time other beneficial things. Therefore, with easier food preparation, the way people lived has been improved.

In conclusion, this change has improved the way people live because it has make it easier for people to have a wonderful dinner at home and people can spend more time on their interests.



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