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Letter to your brother advising him not to be a bookworm

Letter to your brother advising him not to be a bookworm

Letter to your brother advising him not to be a bookworm

B-1/, Phase 2
Ashok Vihar,
DELHI – 52
Oct.6, 2017
My dear Akash,

    It is said : All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is gratifying that you have stood first in the Board Examination. Boy! We are proud of your performance. But sorry, this top position at what cost. If anything is obtained at the cost of health, is no plus point at all. You know very well that health is wealth. If you lose this true wealth then, you are a loser in the battle of life. Brain is better than brawn (muscle power). But mind you, I do not want you to be a wrestler or a body-builder but at the same time I do not wish to see you sick and ailing.

  Read that much of books what is necessary. A frail and weak person has no place in the society. The weaker must go to the wall. An ailing person is a liability for himself as well as for the society. He cannot do any good to anyone. Too much studious is a bad-thing. What pleasure do you derive by being a book-worm?

  Leave your bed and books early in the morning. Go to some park or garden. Play one game or the other. Have jogging quite often. Go out for a long walk or a stroll. Enlist your name to a game club. Boy, do play the game of your choice. Take plenty of exercise. Inhale and exhale your breath in the lap of nature. Inculcate the habit of deep breathing. Be in the company of birds, flowers and green grass.

   Cleanse your lungs of all smoke and dirt. Massage your body one a week. All good things of life can best be enjoyed by a healthy person. With love.
Your affectionately,



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