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Essay on Kashmir Paradise on Earth in English

Essay on Kashmir Paradise on Earth in English

Essay on Kashmir Paradise on Earth in English

Kashmir is known as the paradise of not only India but also of the world. Another beautiful place which can stand comparison with it is Switzerland. It is a valley of lakes which are enchanting and beautiful. The beautiful ‘Dal Lake’ is really bewitching (charming) and fascinating. A boat ride in it is not less than a stroll to the Heaven itself. The famous Persian poet Sheikh Saadi remarked about Kashmir in these words: If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here. What a great tribute to the beauty of this immortal valley!

The snow capped mountains the fruit-laden gardens add to its beauty and charm. The famous Pir Panjaal Ranges are snow-covered all the year round. The Mughal Gardens – Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh are world famous. Tourists throng them in summer and winter. The other attractive places around Srinagar are Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Kokernag and Seven Springs. There the natural beauty lies in abundance. If you ever visit them you will surely stay and rehabilitate there forever. The charm is so over-whelming (excessively great). Gardens of apples, cherries and other such fruits are in plenty. Orchards and parks are innumberable (countless). Saffron (Kesar) plantation is only possible in Kashmir because of a special type of climate. If we call it ‘Flower Valley’ there is no exaggeration (over-stating) in it. It is a world-renowned health-resort. It is also a pleasure palace for honeymooners (newly weds). Kashmir is hotly visited during summer and winter seasons. It is known to be the summer Capital of the Great Mughals. It was a favourite place of Akbar, the Great. People come here in thousands to enjoy the natural scenery of Kashmir. When it is excessively cold and chilly here, snow falls in abundance. The scene is not be missed at all. It is one-time life’s experience. Many winter sports are arranged by International Olympic Sports Committee. These sports are played and enjoyed by lakhs of people. Players both from India and abroad come here to play.

Kashmir is also known for its cosy (comfortable) rungs (thick woolen scraps), blankets, carpets and wood works. Delicious food is another speciality of the Kashmiris. Mouth-watering dishes are really appetizing. The more you eat them the more you like and love them. This is an art which only the people of Kashmir know best. It is said that when our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru hosted a lunch or a dinner for foreign dignitaries (very important persons), he placed the order of choicest dishes from Kashmir. What a great honour to the cooks of the place!

The valley exports its hand-woven carpets and shawls worth crores of rupees to the length and breadth of the world. The wood works and its carving are also world famous. Kashmiris know the art of keeping themselves warm in wintery months. They keep a sigri (local made earthen pot) into their chest with ambers of fire in it. They drink a special tea called ‘Kahwa’ which is prepared without milk. Their handicrafts are superb and are much sought after in the international market. 



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