Monday, 7 May 2018

Essay on Advantages of University Education

Essay on Advantages of University Education

Essay on Advantages of University Education
University as a significant cultural force has brought itself to wide recognition and undeniable high social status;there,studying in a university is considered one of the most important and valuable experiences in one's life and it has become a drama of people to attend university. It is true that various benefits can be given why people want to attend university,but in my opinion,what urges people to do so is the new experience in college and reasons are given below.

There are numerous new experiences after attending college and I would in here explain a few of the most important ones.First of all,the procedure of studying impressed us as a radically different experience. Unlike the serious way of learning in high school,we can acquire all kinds of knowledge through attending lectures,discussing with classmates or professor,seeing scientific films. It can be given a concrete example that a history lecture given by one of my favourite professors. He organized the class in an enjoyable atmosphere with his satiric remarks. Soon the class seemed to be over almost as soon as it started.For the first time I found that history could be so interesting.

Another very strong argument for my opinion is that the university provides us with an enjoyable atmosphere of activities . Associating with different people on campus,discussing with a variety of people over a sensitive topic and reading in the quiet library can strongly shape us inclination ,mature our thoughts,wide our horizon and enrich our personality. These experiences are more important than the limited knowledge obtained in your textbooks. And if you lose the opportunity to enter college or university ,you never understand why so many people desire for campus life. How regretful it would be!

So as I see it,though university can also provide us with career preparation and increased knowledge ,they can be obtained by other means. However,the new experience on campus is a unique aspect of the campus culture. If we want our lives in university unforgettable ,cherishing the new experience provides the key.




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