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Essay on “A Scene at Railway Station” for school students

Essay on “A Scene at Railway Station” for school students

Essay on “A Scene at Railway Station”

A scene at the railway station is very interesting. You spend your time quite leisurely watching trains. The trains are coming, they are going. The whistle of the engine breaks the stillness. People are there to board the trains. These trains take them to their destination. Their destination can be their homes or place of business or the office, where they work. But this system of coming and going of trains continue all the twenty-four hours. A visit to the railway station is quite educative and instructive experience. You meet new people, you befriend them. You like them as they are like you. Your co-passengers bound for a journey.

The scene before the arrival of the train is very enjoyable. Passengers run hither-thither. Coolies rush to and fro. The out-going passengers are in a great hurry to board the train and get a good and comfortable seat near the window. The in-coming passengers are quite impatient to get down the train, catch hold of a coolie and reach their homes at the earliest. There is a lot of jostling. Tempers run high. Sometimes, the scene becomes quite ugly. From hot words passengers generally come to blows. The police intervention (come in between other) is sought. Vendors have their hey day. They sell their things hurriedly. Tea, pakoras, cakes and others eatables are much in demand. People eat whatever is easily available. Quality of the edible is not necessary. One has to stuff one’s stomach. Again, there is a danger of the train to leave.

A station is a meeting ground for all the country men. Rich and poor, high and low, men and women, boys and girls, young and old etc all throng a railway platform. After all the railways are a good means of speedy transportation. Now the trains are extremely comfortable. They provide all facilities in the compartment itself. You need not rush to the length and breadth of the railway platform. Trains like Rajdhani Express is like a modern bazaar on wheels. All the comforts of home are amply provided there on the train. Booking in advance, reservation of sleeper etc can be had just for an extra payment, thereby making your journey full of ease, charm and enjoyment. The experience becomes a life, long pleasure. But at the same time we must not forget the woes of travelling by a train in ordinary and unreserved coaches which are always too few.

The departure time of a train is equally noisy and troublesome. There is a plenty of confusion everywhere. You rush to one end of the train, but your coach is attached to the farthest end. You run with your heavy load of luggage piled up on your head. Your breath is exhausted in this futile (useless) exercise. To add to your trouble, the engine whistles time and again. In the process you are badly fatigued and tired. You are bathed in sweat even in the month of December. Soon we see that the guard has waved his green signal. It means missing of the train if we are unable to locate our proper bogie. Nervousness follows. Heart beat increases manifold and the journey becomes a hell.

Waving of hands meet our eyes when the train is moving out of the station. A few embrace and say good bye. This scene is quite touching. One becomes emotional. The very word ‘departure’ is a tear-jerker. The train has gone, so have gone the passengers and their friends and relatives. Now it is a deserted place. Peace and quietness reign everywhere. It is noiseless. All activity comes to a standstill. The railway staff waits for another train to come. 



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