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Essay on My School Library for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Essay on My School Library for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Essay on My School Library
A library is a place where books are stocked on all subjects. It is a collection of books of all types. It is a treasure house where the master minds of the entire world meet under one roof. Here barriers of countries, climates are shaken. Here books kept in beautiful almirahs. They are kept subject-wise. Books on all possible subjects can be taken, read and enjoyed.

There are journals, magazines- all beautifully embellished (decorated) on wooden stands. The reader can read them while standing. Our schools library is housed in two rooms. One room is meant for books of all kinds whether it is the subject of History or Economics or Political Science- all books are arranged under the head of ‘Social Sciences’. The text books by leading authors, both Indian as well as foreign especially in the subjects of Natural Sciences are nicely kept. There are novels, story books and many other books different in the school library. These books are meant for relaxation, pleasure and casual reading. There are still other books for serious study which do increase your knowledge. They sharpen your intelligence. You become worldly-wise and experienced.

The other room is entirely meant for magazines, journals and daily papers. The school liberally contributes to all well-known magazines. Reader digest is the favorite of one and all. This room, to which we call ‘Reading-room’ is the best place in the school. A large number of story books such as Arabian Nights, collection of Munshi Prem Chand’s stories, books of O. Henry’s fables- all are there in the Reading-room. A senior boy looks after it. He assists the school librarian, Mr. Prem Shankar Sharma. This arrangement from the boys’ side is turn by turn. There is a plenty of furniture in this room. There are chairs, desks, long tables, wooden-stands in it. The room is quite spacious and airy. Many ceiling fans and electric tubes and bulbs are there for the convenience (comfort) of the readers. ‘Keep Silence’ ‘Don’t talk’ sign-boards are hung everywhere. The boys visit this room during the recess or in their regular library period. The reading room is open all day for the benefit of boys of both the shifts. The school contributes to all the important  ‘Dailies’ of English and Hindi. ‘INDIAN EXPRESS’ and ‘JANSATTA’ are the most sought after papers. They are read for their impartial news and views. Both teachers and students of senior classes enjoy their reading. 

A school library is a store house of knowledge and wisdom. The great novelists, authors, writers, poets and critics lie side by side. They enrich our experience, when we read them seriously and deeply. Books are our never – failing friends. They stand by us. They console and comfort us in our distress. Book reading is a very good hobby. A library can best satisfy it.

Below is the outline for Essay

Outline : A collection of books- all possible subjects- journals, magazines- two rooms- one reading room for journals, the other for books-books in many languages-on Science, History etc, a large number of story books- part time librarian- A senior boy looks after it chairs, desks, long tables, fans-reading room- a quiet place- open all day- the best place in the school.



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