Saturday, 28 April 2018

Short Note on Rural Development

Short Note on Rural Development

Short Note on Rural Development
India is an agriculture country. About eighty per cent of its people live in villages. Gandhiji, The Father of our Nation used to say, “If you want to see India, see her in villages.”So the prosperity of the country depends upon the prosperity of the Indian villages.

Before freedom the condition of the villages was miserable. Our farmers were very poor and they were always in debt. It was said,” An Indian farmer is born in debt, lives in debt and lies in debt.” The poor villages were in the firm grip of the zamindars who gave them land to cultivate at a very high rent. The cruel money-lenders lent them money at very high rate of interest. There was poverty and ignorance everywhere.

After independence the condition of the villages is improving. Villages in large numbers have been linked with cities through roads. Arrangements of electric supply and water supply has been made. Things are being arranged in such a way that modern facilities reach every village soon. Villagers are now using new methods of farming. There is a network of tubewells in every village for irrigation.

New schools are being opened.Bank facilities are available in almost every village majority of the houses are built of bricks and cement. There is a panchayat Ghar in every village. T.V. sets have been provided to these Panchayat Ghars. Programmes relayed o T.V. tell the villagers new methods of farming. Night schools for adults are run at night in these Panchayat Ghars. Many of their quarrels are now decidedby the village Panchayats. Newspapers are reaching villages. Illiteracy various superstitions and social evils are disappearing.

‘Jawahar Rozgar Yojna’ and ‘Panchayati Raj’ are the two latest steps to improve the condition of the villages.
The village youths after getting education in cities are imparting new knowledge and new awakening to the villagers. They now understand the importance of family planning and after-effects of the evils of child marriages and drinking.

Under Five-Year plans the government has done a lot for all-round development of the villages, yet much remains to be done. Private social agencies and social workers should cooperate with the government for rural development.



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