Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Importance of Sports and Games in Students life

Importance of Sports and Games in Students life

Importance of Sports and Games in Students life
Sports and games are necessary part of human activity. They are played at various levels. They keep us fit and active. We learn discipline, teamwork and cooperation from them. They also instill us spiritual virtues like tolerance and patience. 

Almost all kind of sports and games involve physical movement. We have physical exertion which burn our calories. They have definite effect on our health. Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced by men and women around the globe. It causes many diseases and decreases the quality of life. Sports and games keep us fit and active. We are better prepared against disease if we play some game. We can keep off blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes. 

They instill us a spirit of self-confidence, self-reliance, discipline, justice, fair play and patriotism. Games provide us with recreation and enjoyment. They teach us how to struggle and how to retreat. We learn how to co-operate with others. We cherish our victory but at the same time we bear our defeat. It is a good moral lesson to learn.

Games are very essential for students. A student has to sit for a long time at one place. It is not good for his health. He needs physical exertion. Games provide him the chance to stir his muscles. Sorts and games also enhance mental faculty. A player has sharp judgment and quick reflexes. Unfortunately, many parents do not allow children to play games. They consider it wastage of time. They need to know that a healthy body has a healthy mind. We all are familiar with the maxim 'Health is wealth'. It is the games which impart us this wealth. 

Those players who have extra-ordinary skills of some sports can qualify to play in the national team. International players earn a lot of money and fame. They are considered the heroes of a nation. In our country, various games like cricket, hockey, football, snooker, volleyball, squash and tennis are played. Among them, cricket is our passion. However, there are not proper facilities of sports in our society. Due to over- population, playing areas are converted into residential colonies. Government must do something to discourage this trend. Sports facilities should be provided so that young generation should be saved from drug addiction and other bad habits. 



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